Sujay Santra

Co Founder iKureSujay Santra

Realising that there will never be sufficient doctors to treat patients in India individually, Sujay is completely changing the healthcare system from an individualized curative model, to a community based preventive healthcare system to ensure holistic well being of communities. He is doing this through ICT for low-cost diagnosis and data analysis of a community’s health indicators, and implementing behavior change programs for the communities in partnership with academic institutions, locals NGOs and businesses. He has been conferred with Ashoka Fellowship for his path breaking idea to treat millions of rural people in India.
Founded iKure — A unique social enterprise with the mission to provide affordable, accessible, and quality primary health care services to the rural population of India.

Sujay has more than 15 years of experience in Business Modelling, Planning & Execution aimed at sustainable models for providing affordable healthcare to Low & Low middle income populations  Strong in technology including Data Analytics, Health Informatics, Low cost Point of care devices & device integrations, ICT based solutions, Bio Informatics, he is actively involved with Funding mechanisms of Government, Private VCs, Angels & Institutional investors , Donors & Grants. Knowledge on Fund Management , Financial Planning , International Fund policies and guidelines.  He comes with a good understanding of Rural landscape in India , East Africa & South Asia , Understanding of Customer behaviour & psychology in Low Income states in India & countries such as Kenya & Cambodia as well.